Meghan + Mike

Meghan + Mike wanted a mix of city and natural setting. Lincoln Park zoo is the perfect spot for that. Meghan + Mike are so fun and kind, plus being totally in love and gorgeous!  they are the kind of couple everyones wants to be friends with.  Super pumped for their August wedding! 2013-11-06_00452013-11-06_00462013-11-06_00472013-11-06_00482013-11-06_00492013-11-06_00502013-11-06_00512013-11-06_00522013-11-06_00532013-11-06_00542013-11-06_00552013-11-06_00562013-11-06_00572013-11-06_00582013-11-06_00592013-11-06_00602013-11-06_00612013-11-06_00622013-11-06_00632013-11-06_00642013-11-06_0065

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