Dora + Phillip

Dora + Phillip had a beautiful and emotional church ceremony followed by taking pictures around the city. Dora + Phillip adore each other so much and are surrounded by an incredible amount of love from friends and family.

Dora + Phillip thank you for having Tom + I a part of your lovely day! We wish you nothing but a happily ever after!

2013-11-22_00012013-11-22_00022013-11-22_00032013-11-22_00042013-11-22_0005the children that were a part of this wedding were so DARN cute!2013-11-22_00062013-11-22_00072013-11-22_0008Phillip did not want to see his bride before the ceremony, so he wore a blindfold on the way there. 2013-11-22_00092013-11-22_00102013-11-22_00112013-11-22_00122013-11-22_00132013-11-22_0014Dora carried a picture of her father with her on her bouquet 2013-11-22_00152013-11-22_00162013-11-22_00172013-11-22_00182013-11-22_00192013-11-22_00202013-11-22_00212013-11-22_00222013-11-22_0023Dora surprised Phillip with a ball and chain on the way out2013-11-22_00242013-11-22_00252013-11-22_00262013-11-22_00272013-11-22_00282013-11-22_00292013-11-22_00302013-11-22_00312013-11-22_0032Dora, you were stunning. 2013-11-22_00332013-11-22_00342013-11-22_00352013-11-22_00362013-11-22_00372013-11-22_0038


  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures! The pic of your dad just brought tears to my eyes – awesome idea – May God bless your marriage always!!!

  2. Oh my God,Dora!!! Absolutely beautiful 🙂 I just cried a little. No emotion was left out of these pics. Great job to the photographers!!! Congratulations to you both!

  3. They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and these pictures truly capture the essence of your special day – LOVE! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. Gorgeous , beautiful , wow, amazing, loved them all & you guys looked wonderful wishing you both love & happiness ….!

  5. These pictures speak a thousand words and captivated what were clearly some of the most precious moments of that special day. Absolutely beautiful!

  6. Congratulations to the both of you!! The pictures are beautiful!! Wish you guys a lifetime of happiness!!!

  7. Those are beautiful pics, I really love the pic of the ball and chain and the tribute to your father, loved it!!!

  8. Dora your pictures were so amazing, you were such a beautiful bride, and what touched me the most was the photo of your father on your bouquet of flowers such a wonderful idea. Wishing you nothing but happines!!

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