Amanda + Imed | Patrick Haley Mansion

Amanda + Imed ย met at the Air Force Academy. They have been traveling the world together, and used those experiences fused with both of their cultures, to design their perfect wedding. Every little detail was so beautifully thought out.

Amanda and Imed are such a kind hearted couple, who truly love their families so so much.

Amanda + Imed Thanks you for having us apart of your beautiful wedding. We wish you nothing but your happily ever after!

So much love!

Gina + Tom


  1. The pictures are amazing Gina! The wedding was such a blur and I am so glad you were able to capture the memories!!

  2. Amazing photos. What a beautiful wedding and what fantastic shots that captures the love between two people.

  3. Beautiful photos! Congratulations, you two! It looks like your wedding day was a beautiful start to years of wonderful love and happiness together ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wow. What a beautiful ceremony. The photography is out of this world! Doesn’t hurt to have such good looking subjects;)) you two are SUCH a gorgeous couple. Very happy for you both <3

  5. These pictures are absolutely beautiful! It’s amazing seeing Amanda completely blossom right in front of my eyes these past 8 years! โ™ฅ

  6. What beautiful pictures! Praying you two get to be together soon and always-it’s a tough life but you are a tough lady! Let us know if yall are ever in Dover and need a place to crash.

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