Krystal + Matt . Silver Lake

A vintage love story. That was Krystal + Matt’s theme for their at home reception. Krystal + Matt were married in Puerto Rico on June 23rd and then celebrated with friends and family back home in August.

Krystal + Matt are crazy in love with in each, and truly have the perfect foundation of a great marriage. Both are kind souls with passions for the same things. I actually went to high school with Matt, and when Tom and I left their reception, I turned to Tom and said ” Matt found his perfect girl. They are true soul mates.”

Krystal chose the theme of vintage love story because they believe a true love stories never end, and she loves them! Who doesn’t love a great love story. The detail and creativity she poured into the decor is stunning and perfect. They even included a table of memories from Puerto Rico. Oh, and ¬†cold stone creamery was there scooping ice cream!

Grab yourself a cup of coffee this morning and delight in Krystal + Matt’s ¬†love and creativity!


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Tom and I wish you nothing but your very own Happily Ever After!

SO much love!

Gina + Tom


  1. My favorite pic is the one with K and M kissing in the background and the kids covering up their eyes!

  2. I love the one with whole group and Krystal and Matt jumping in the air. And the one with the two of them touching hands In the air with bright sun coming through

  3. Absolutely beautiful, so many great pics it’s hard to pick just one, but my favorite is the “Muchas Gracias” shot where Matt & Krystal are kissing. I loved the reception decor, so many special touches, it was such a fun celebration!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! My fav is the “Muchas gracias” pic. What a great reception, so many special touches, Krystal and Matt outdid themselves!

  5. My fav- Krystal standing up on the bench leaning down, Matt holding her and stealing a kiss!!!! The light is perfect! So romantic! Really captured the mood!

  6. I LOVE them all. All the pictures of every detail of the reception are amazing. I love the black and white pic of Matt carrying you. Awesome job by your photographers!

  7. I love the one of Krystal where Matt is holding her above a bench in the garden and Krystal’s dress is flowing. Then the one with the Muchas Gracias signs, and the one with Matt holding the sign I am here for the beer. I was honored to be a part of this beautiful union of two very special people. A portrait of a true love story. Love you guys, Dawn Pulido PS Krystal outdid herself with the decor and detail, Amazing.

  8. The little boy holding the “Let’s get this Party Started!” sign was my favorite. Great sign and he is adorable. That outfit with the hat is awesome.

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