U Family

Our good friends Kevin and Marisa had the most handsome little boy. He really slept like a rock star for all of his photos, and we had some big ones to do. This little guy has a ton of love around him and lots of girls swooning over him. He even has a big fur brother who is so proud (see below) and his dad is reading up on how to raise this little guy (again see below)

Congrats K+ M!

Much love,

Gina Tom Ava and Owen.Great grandma made this precious hat and blanket seta ND fan already thanks to Uncle Randy and Aunt Margie Daddy’s sleeve represents the family And the really important shots I LOVE his nursery! P had a mustache theme shower. It was really cute Momma is just loving all over him!Told you he was studying up…And a very proud fur brother….Forrest. 


  1. With Forest was adorable. With daddy in his pant pocket, priceless. With mommy reading to him,”A keeper”. Alone-so tired,so cute,so lovable. That’s my GGson.
    I love the whole family.

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