Hello Darling Boudoir. a testimonial

“Hello Darling Boudoir was the most amazing experience I have done for myself in a long time. Over the past three years, I have been so self-conscious and insecure about my weight and my body due to a knee injury. I lost the confidence I once had.  A friend of mine convinced me to do a photo shoot with Darling Boudoir and I was terrified at first. I thought that if I was going to do it, I would try to cover up as much of my body as possible. Once I arrived at the Hotel, there was such a great energetic vibe- there was music playing, girls getting their make-up and hair done and even rose being served to help us loosen up a bit.

It was so much fun to go through the clothes and talk about what would look good on us. It was like dress-up for grown-ups. They provided a ton of options of outfits to wear and also gave many recommendations of what they thought would look perfect on each individual. At first I picked out little nighties that would cover my stomach and other areas of my body that I am insecure about. The energy in the room calmed my nerves and once my hair and make-up was done, I got more and more confident. At the beginning of the shoot I was a bashful, insecure woman and by the end I was so extremely comfortable that I even took pictures featuring my “trouble areas” wearing next to nothing.

Gina and Carolyn are experts at what they do. Gina is a perfectionist. She would look at each photo after it was taken and if she didn’t like it in anyway, she would direct me to do the slightest movement to make the next picture flawless.  I also thought it was wonderful to get such great feedback during the photo shoot. While looking at the images taken, Gina and Carolyn would say how beautiful and stunning the photos looked-which was great reassurance.

Overall, I think that every woman experience Hello Darling Boudoir Photography. Even if you are still trying to get to your ideal weight, or you just had a baby or you just don’t feel attractive anymore. There was a confidence gained that I haven’t had in such a long time by doing this shoot.  Even though I’m sure that my fiancé will love the photos-in the end I found out that this experience was more for me. It helped me out of the funk that I was in with my body image and also motivated me to get healthy again.” ~Julie S.

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