blame it on the altitude 2013


In early January Tom and I took a trip to Breckenridge, Colorado with some old friends. Margie, Marisa, Randy, Kevin, Tom, and I all grew up in Orland and at some point went to school together. But the guys all ended up becoming fireman and co-workers and that is why we have remained close. Scott is also a fireman, and recently married Amanda…you may remember there wedding here.

In 2009 Margie and Randy got married in Mexico and that is where our traveling together started. Tom and I have not been able to go on any of the trips with them in the past fews years, but we were excited when we could make this trip. Well…maybe “excited” should be used a little more loosely.

You see, I don’t ski. I can thank many years on the ice for some pretty bad knees and skiing is just agony. So my idea of a vacation is in MEXICO. Or anywhere warm. Randy and I have already devised an escape plan for next time these fools try to go somewhere cold in the winter. But I was still happy to go because I love nothing more than sitting by myself and reading, drinking coffee, and doing nothing except having a “good sit”. And oh did I have some good sits. Marisa joined me at the spa for a real good sit on the first day 🙂

Randy, Marisa Amanda, and I did end up perfecting the art of a “good sit” this trip as we were all the non skiers. We did get our butts kicked by the altitude and dry air. We had to boil pots of water in the house and take breaks going up flights of stairs…but we survived and have some great memories. and learned how many things can be blamed on the altitude.

 These photos are film:

Marisa and I took a white knuckle car ride for this above photo. Or what I thought was white knuckle until…I made Randy drive us on a real white knuckle ride. It is never good when you are sliding backwards down a mountain in a van. But I got the shot and Randy saved us!Sadly after I took that great pic of Amanda and Scott having a good sit the camera died. Because guess what?! Old cameras don’t have rechargeable batteries and they take unique batteries!

So these were taken with the digital:Sometimes when you have a good sit, I recommend you drink a bloody mary and watch other people ski and fall. It makes the sit so much better.There they are! The happy snow bunnies!ah….and us sitters! It was such a beautiful day…I think it was around 50 degrees.Marisa’s maternity shoot. Not really, but it does scare me for her real one 😉 Or flight home was later so we hung out around Breckenridge for a bit. These are Kevin’s photos. He took his camera with him skiing and got some amazing shots.

Tom is really a great snowboarder….really.So Kevin was about to take the photo of his life and this man on the right skied right in front of him and photo bombed…for like ten minutes, in this pose.
Kevin was smart and brought his tripod ad remote.And this sums it all up….look at who is the only one in focus. And Marisa’s “take off”Joking aside we had a blast and already brainstorming our next trip. Hopefully we go somewhere that the altitude doesn’t make us so loopy.

(Randy, I will meet you by the Cancun gate)

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