55th Wedding Anniversary

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely celebration. Palos Country Club was over-flowing with love and memories as E & E celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary. 55 years or marriage. How awesome is that!?!

There were friends and family from far and near, great food, tons of photos from the past 55 years in a slideshow, gorgeous centerpieces,  and live music – including a surprise performance by their granddaughter’s drum group.  The drum performance rocked! Everyone enjoyed the show.

You could easily tell E & E have touched many lives and are loving and inspiring examples to their children and grandchildren.

Being at this milestone event made me wonder what mine and my husband’s 55th anniversary party will be like? What friends and family will be there? What will they look like? What will we look like, we’ll be 80 and 82? What stories will we still be talking about? What stories have yet to be told? How many grandkids? Well, you get it – I’m looking forward (and loving) to the journey of getting there!

It was such a special day, here’s to many more. Cheers, peace and love, A family!


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