no expectations

when c and j’s mom approached me about this session, i got so excited. she wanted to capture c as a 4/5 year old and j as a 1.5 year old. she let c dress herself and asked her what she wanted to do. she responded with paint, dance, and she requested a sparkle waterfall with unicorns. well the sparkle waterfall with unicorns was a little difficult, but painting and music was no problem. mom had ‘no expectiations’ which actually made this session go way better than any other session.i was more relaxed and felt more creative, and the kids were way relaxed. ¬†she was not worried about the kids getting wrinkly, dirty, or hair blowing all over. she just wanted to have them documented as they are.

so here you go

ms. c at four years old (almost five) and mr. j at 1 year’s old (almost two) in one of my favorite sessions ever…


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