when katie called me about engagement and wedding photos, i could not contain my excitement. katie and i went to high school together and have not see each other in over ten years. katie is not only gorgeous, but has the biggest heart. you cant help but have a good time around her, her smile is contagious. i was so excited to meet the man that stole this girl’s heart. jerry is such a sweet person and such a match for katie. plus my kids immediately became best friend’s with him, which in my book, makes you a winner.

congrats katie and jerry. i can not wait for your wedding! it is going to be unforgettable!

katie went to anthro for all of these amazing outfits. and you all know my obsession with shoes…(they did not disappoint with jerry’s boots and katies thrift store score)katie you are so lovely! 


  1. You two look absolutely amazing! Katie.. You are such a hippie at heart. Love the outfits and the poses. Jerry… LOVE THE BOOTS!

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