so come with me

where dreams are born

and time is never planned

just think of happy things

and your heart will fly on wings

to never never land


we have returned from the most magical place on earth. it was a beautiful trip, and i am already making a list of what we need to do next time. owen may have been a bit to young to truly enjoy and remember this trip. Ava, on the other hand, was a wonderful age. her jaw was on the floor with every princess she met. thanks to my mom, dad, brother and sister in law who came with us to make Ava’s fourth birthday pure magic.

Hollywood Studios

Sadly we got rained out of the park before dinner and night show. But the run in the rain to the car felt like a ride to the kids in the stroller.

we waited forever in line for the new toy story ride. i was shocked at ava’s patience. it was well worth the wait 🙂 a rare moment I am in front of the lenspretty much every photo i have of him is here. many of you with kids know that a 17 month old is a huge flight risk. and in the crowds at disney, it was not a stress we wanted to deal with.palm trees make my heart singproof of how hard it is to get a photo of the two of them together, but many of you with this age group already know this 🙂 and yes, owen had an outfit change. that popsicle did him in
animal kingdom

this was a very hot day and i think everyone was now in shock of this new schedule we were keeping. i could have spent all day photographing all the amazing architecture and detail Disney put into this park…

safari. we got really lucky. ALL the animals were out that morningguess who fell asleep…againshe was so excited. i loved how amazed she was to meet all the characters a break to cool off. owen is so attached to my dad, if he wasnt in the stroller he was with him. i am not even sure if i held owen once while we were there. our favorite place to eat is o’hana’s at the polynesian resort. i made sure to call 180 days prior to each day to make sure we got our bookings. beside their great food and view…the kids get to play a game. i have to admit the coconut was heavy. ava was really frustrated. when he is not sleeping or sitting on my dad’s lap looking at geese (did I mention he obsession with geese and ducks? my dad is a hunter and has an app on his phone with different duck calls, which owen is obsessed with) he eats…he eats alotwho doesn’t love a drink with umbrellas? birthday cupcake 

magic kingdom

ava’s fourth birthday

we had an early appointment at the bibbidi bobbidi boutique. my dad and brother stayed back with owen while tom, my mom, monica, and i took ava to the magic kingdom. this was an incredible gift from my mom and dad to ava for her birthday.

everyone who has driven to the magic kingdom or resorts know this sign


we were running late or else i would have had them turn around. plus we got in right when the park opened and we may have been stampeded if we stopped.

we were all so excited to see who she wanted to be. and as monica put it..she went vintage! and picked a classic, snow white. picking her tiara ava has an extremely sensitive head, that is why i keep her hair short. i saw a couple times she was fighting back tears with this hair style.i guess this tiara is not an optionhard lifethe princess shoesa  bibbidi bobbidi joke she fell asleep getting her eyes donethe big reveal! i normally would have not kept the image on the right, but I love her expression (a perfect example of why i ask for no flash photography while i am shooting, especially at weddings)so happy!the real fairy godmother was right outside the castle when we were done.and the princess rode off on her white horse with her prince charming…


how about a fun little disney fact? my brother is full of them. the castle is 399 feet tall because at 400 feet you have to put one of those red lights on a building, and disney does not want that. also everything is scaled to get smaller towards the top (windows, points) to make the castle appear larger.

you are welcome. we were so excited to see ava react, that we forgot about someone. he was fine, he had food. owen was not sure of any of the characters

a beautiful view to end her birthday. she did fall asleep in the stroller…another night of fireworks missed.


My Uncle, Aunts, and cousins, that live in Fl met us for the day at Epcot. Our favorites with the kids were the living seas, mexico boat ride, and soarin’. Tom and I love the countries (and drinks) but the kids were not very into it, so we sat by America and let them blow off some steam for a while.

it is spring in florida!
some vino in Italy enjoying the lovely weather…


new members of our family! drew and paige. they tried taking owen dancing in Germany, but he just wanted to run away.


and we made it to a firework show! i had to fight to keep our on the water spot, but it was well worth it!

 chef mickey’s

mickey played a binky magic trick. owen’s pirate impression and back to Magic Kingdom to do what we missed the first time

she loved that bubble machine from uncle beauthe wishing wellher favorite riderapunzel…her favorite princess
 she loved that snow white shirt. every character she saw that day, she had to point out her shirt

told you, flight risk

and on the last day, my mom and dad stayed back with owen. tom and i took ava to dinner.our hopes were to see the parade and fireworks. at dinner, storms came through. but i was determined to get ava to the castle. in the end, the parade was delayed due to the rain and we made it just in time. a perfect end to a perfect trip.


  1. These are absolutely magical…I love them all. My fav may be the one with Ava and the fairy god mother outside. Just so sweet. 🙂

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