coffee clutch

hey friends! let’s have a coffee clutch! i thought it would be fun to chat about a few things I adore lately. one of my big business resolutions for this year was making sure i meshed well with clients. i want people to feel comfortable with me as much as i feel want to feel comfortable with them, we will have so much more fun 🙂  i want to be hired because of me and my style…not because i own a camera. so here is a way for you all to find out more about me.

here is what is on my mind this week and what i would for sure be discussing if you were here having a cup of joe with me.


if you were at my house this is the creamer you would be offered

i want to sport a pair of these this summer 

most perfect first year pictures book  idea i have seen can be found here

my latest purchase

she is burning a hole in my iphone…she is playing over and over 

boy, i have had some bad experiences but have got some lessons as well. good thing i made a point this year to step back from all the negative “friends”.now i have a ton of happiness and memories. 

if i had a disposable income, these bad girls  would be sitting on my face. 

need to jump on the bandwagon

if it didn’t require a tetanus shot for my kids, this would be the center of my living room 

since my hair is always in a pony, i should merchandise it up a bit

woke up to read this post in my reader. amazing, period. 

if you don’t shed a tear watching this, you are not human and not my friend

all though i have not been called to bat yet, this organization makes me so proud of people’s kind hearts to do what is right even if it is hard to do.

whoa, things just got deep. how about what is for dinner this week. Wed and Thursday

i can quote this entire movie…proudly

i want to have easter brunch just so i can do this and this 

went to a b&b in pure michigan this week and fell in love with this place 

wow! i apparently have a lot to chat about. maybe this will be a series of posts? i already have a few things for next week.

ciao friends!






    1. Um, I think my best “boy” friends will always be allowed! shall we meet in “africa” 🙂

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